Baptism For Parents


When choosing godparents consider the following. Godparents represent the Catholic Faith Community – the Church.  They are to assist in the preparation of adult candidates for Baptism and to be supportive of them afterwards.  When it comes to infant baptism, godparents are to assist the child’s parents in raising their child in the Catholic Faith, so that the child may profess and live it as an adult.

A couple should choose a firm believer, someone who is truly committed to the Catholic Faith in which their new baby will be baptized.  To ensure that a godparent is capable, Church law insists that this person be at least 16 years old, fully initiated (having received Confirmation and Eucharist), be someone other than the legal parents and one who leads a life in harmony with the Church.

The task of choosing godparents is one which should be performed with much prayer, careful thought and with the greatest concern for the precious spiritual life of your child.