Naming The Children

 holy card naming the children fixedA person’s name is their identity. God assigned Adam to give his creation names. You need a name to be in the “Book of Life”.  In a recent book, “Heaven is for Real”, Colton meets his sister in Heaven and he asks her what is her name, and she tells him, that she has NO Name, ( she was miscarried).

Our goal now is to ask people to pray the special prayer (listed below).  While praying the prayer a name will come to you .  Please say the name while praying the prayer.  This will
 name aborted, miscarried, or any other people who might be in Heaven without a given name.  With their given name they join the Community of Saints and their name is in the “Book of Life”.  Think how happy they are when they hear you say their name with love. For some it will be the only act of human kindness they will have experienced.

                                           You are named_____.

                                           Our Father claims you as His.
                                            Love seals with His Kiss,
                                            He heals you with His Touch.
                                            Blessed be the Lord, forever. Amen

This Prayer Card may be found in the narthex. There are millions of children in Heaven (aborted, miscarried, etc.) who are nameless.  They desire a name and to hear their name said with dignity and love.  Please take a moment to name a child and pray this simple prayer for them,  Our Father will bless you abundantly for this act of kindness.