This Weeks Church Bulletin

The bulletin is published weekly and is distributed at the weekend Masses.

The bulletin contains the Weekly Mass Schedule with the Mass Intentions, the intention for the Tabernacle Candle, the time of Confessions, and when the rosary is prayed.

The Sponsor of the week is also listed along with the Parish Office information and phone numbers.

The previous week’s collection along with year to date totals are also included in the weekly bulletin.

Four weeks of Church events are listed by date order.

Various parish announcements, information, and opportunities from  our parish as well as other parishes in the Diocese.

If you want to submit something for our church bulletin, it must be received no later than Monday morning the week of publication.

If you are interested in advertising and supporting our church bulletin contact Diocesan Publications, Inc. at www.diocesan.com or call 800 783-1623.